Wood & Pellet Stoves

Wood & Pellet Stoves

There are many different ways to gather around the fire, whether it's burning traditional wood or wood pellets, we’ve got the perfect hearth for you.

Our Top Brands

Pellet Stoves

Harman Stoves

Harman pellet products are created with premium quality, innovative home-grown technology, and attention to detail. We understand the statement you want to make in your home, and we are proud to help provide it.

Quadra-Fire Stoves

Quadra-Fire pellet stoves offer a clean-burning, eco-friendly home heating alternative. Available in a wide assortment of models and units, Quadra-Fire offers the perfect pellet-burning stoves for any home, cabin, or living space.


Wood pellets are a fantastic, organic, and sustainable source of energy! With Lockstone, we also provide the ability to store your pellets with us. Don’t worry about loading up too many heavy materials or taking up usable space in your home. When you’re ready to take a skid home, we can load it for you.

Hardwood Pellets

  • Made up of a blend of deciduous trees. 
  • High BTU output with minimal ash residue left over.

Softwood Pellets

  • Made up of a blend of conifers trees. 
  • High BTU output with minimal ash residue left over.

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